Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Study of Ethno Botany of Medicinal Plants with Emphasize on Their Traditional Uses in County Jajarm, Shomali Khorasan Province            0000-00-00
2    Study of Ethno Botany of Medicinal Plants with Emphasize on Effective compounds of pharmaceutial herbs in County Jajarm, Shomali Khorasan Province            0000-00-00
3    Investigating the Factors Affecting on Growth and Success of Knowledge Based Companies of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad            0000-00-00
4    Assessment Equiping and Modernization Project Rice Lands Gharetoghan Village    M.Sc.    anzaey, elahe    2010-02-20
5    Investigating Production Systems and Their Role in Agricultural Development Case Study: Sib-o Suran District, Sistan-o Baluchestan Province    M.Sc.    dehani, ghodus    2010-06-02
6    Analysis of Role Fertility Rate and literacy Levels on the Economic Participation of Rural Women,CaseStudy: Central Part of Kerman.    M.Sc.    KHOSRAVI, HALIMEH    2010-11-15
7    Evaluate Of Economic & Social Impacts Of Rural Guidance Plans Implementation In Dena County    M.Sc.    hajipoor, yazdan    2011-06-10
8    Second homes turism and effect on rural area development qochan county(opportunity-threat)    M.Sc.    sahebkar, nahid    2011-06-10
9    The role of education in the empowerment of rural womenrural city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    amiri, touran    2012-02-06
10    The role of rural management in development emphasize to the role of dehyari; Case study: Central district of Ramian county    M.Sc.    bay, maryam    2012-02-06
11    Survey of social and economic and environmental consequences of Industrial Estate on rural areas (Case study: Industrial Estate of Chenaran)    M.Sc.    bahrami, soltan    2012-02-07
12    The analytic study of preventive factors in agricultural development in rural areas    Ph.D    Khosrobeigi, Reza    2012-06-17
13    Analysis of the Development of Infrastructure Services in Rural Population Stabilization (Case Study: Salehan Rural district Central Section Khomein City)    M.Sc.    rezaee, neda    2012-07-04
14    The Role of Dhyars in Sustainable Rural Tourism Development (The Case Study:Villages of Torghabe District)    M.Sc.    sarbargh moghaddam, toktam    2012-12-30
15    Analysis Economical and Social Effects Cultivate of Saffron in Rural Development (Bakharz County ,Balavelayat Dehestan)    M.Sc.    shikhahmade, fahemeh    2013-01-06
16    The Role Of Woman Rural Cooperative In Members Empowerment    M.Sc.    shojaeeimoghadam, elham    2013-02-13
17    Analysis of Rural Production Cooperative and its role on the sustainable agricultural development Case study: District of Naishabour, Khorasan Razavi Province    Ph.D    hadizadeh bazaz, maryam    2013-03-16
18    Analysis Economic and Social Impacts of Sugar Factories on Rural Development: A Case Study: Fariman Sugar Factory    M.Sc.    shermohamadealiakbrkhane, sedeghe    2013-03-16
19    The Functional Spatial Analysis of Health Services in Tabadkan Dehestan (Central District of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    qajarpiir, somayh    2013-03-16
20    The explanation of factors affecting on the rural settlements unsustainability (case study: Ferdows county)    Ph.D    solaymany, masoomeh    2013-07-10
21    Evaluate the Effects of Industrial towns on Social Economic and Environmental issues Development in Rural areas (Case Study: Industrial town of Gorgan 2)    M.Sc.    yousefi, nasim    2013-09-18
22    Evolution of the Effects of Agriculture Crop Insurance on the Development of Sustainable Agriculture, The Case Study of Qazi Rural Area of Mane and Samelghan Districts    M.Sc.    jafarian kikanlo, nahid    2013-09-18
23    Investigating the effects of migration in rural development (case study : Fazl Dehestan of Nishabor)    M.Sc.    SHOBERI, ABOLFAZL    2013-09-18
24    The Role of Indigenous Knowledge, Rural Participation And Local Institutions in Natural Disaster Ralnerabily Reduction in Rural Aria (Case Study ؛Central District, Jiroft County).    M.Sc.    khaje, morteza    2013-12-30
25    Historical Monuments Impact On Sustainable Development Of Rural Tourism(Case Study:County Binalood)    M.Sc.    kamrani far, hadis    2014-03-03
26    A Study theRole ofGardening onEconomic Development of Rural Areas (Case Study:LeivanRural District-Bandargaz County)    M.Sc.    askari, najmeh    2014-03-17
27    the effects of the diversification of economic activities on the quality of life in rural households (case study : golmakan dehestan in chenaran county)    M.Sc.    esmaeili, mahnaz    2014-09-29
28    The survey of effect natural hazard of moving sands in rural physical frame (case study: zahak county)    M.Sc.    khajeh golestaneh, akram    2015-01-06
29    Barriers and Challenges of Rural women in Small enterprises Creation (Crafts & Further Industries Agriculture) Case study: Payin Rokh Dehestan of Torbat Heydariey County    M.Sc.    ghanbari, nasibeh    2015-03-09
30    Analysis of Economic and social consequences of changes in cropping patterns in rural areas (Case Study: Joghatay Dehestane of County Joghatay)    M.Sc.    joghataei, mohammad kazem    2015-04-27
31    The Impact of ICT development on social identity changes in rural areas (A case study of Shandiz rural district, Binalud County)    M.Sc.    BATAGHVASARABI, HOMA    2015-06-16
32    The Role of indigenous materials in improvement of the quality of rural housing and their lives ( case study: Houmeh Dehestan of Gonabad County)    M.Sc.    kashef ghaeninezhad, samaneh    2015-06-16
33    The feasibility of medicinal plants intake to cultivation pattern and forming relevant transformative industries (case study: rural habitats of Chenaran city)    M.Sc.    afshar, zari    2015-12-13
34    The Role of NGOs ‎ in the of Socio- Economic Empowerment of Rural Women (Case Study: ‎Roshtkhar County).‎    Ph.D    javani, khadije    2015-12-23
35    The Geneology development planning in Iran with an emphasis on rural planning    Ph.D    kargar, mohammad sadegh    2016-02-15
37    Study and Analysis Of Challenges Of Optimized Consumptiom Of Water In Agriculture precinct and its Role in Sustainable Development Of Rural areas(Case study, Gonbad-e Qabus Township)    Ph.D    adeli, javad    2016-11-21
38    Evaluation and Analysis of Implementations of Reroganization Plan Services Distribution System in Rural area of mashhad township    Ph.D    katebi, majidreza    2017-01-03
39    Check qualitative indicators of housing quality improvement projects in rural areas (Case Study: Mashhad city of Toos district)    M.Sc.    erfani, zeinab    2017-01-23
40    Analyzing the role of agro tourism in rural sustainable development (case study area: Torbat Heydariye    M.Sc.    GHANDEHARI, ELHAM    2017-03-06
41    Analysis of factors affecting food security of the Rural families, Case study: Balavelayat dehestan,torbat heydarie county    M.Sc.    seyedolhosseini, sima    2017-03-06
42    The Study and analyze the effects of political divisions on rural settlements sustainably (case study:firozeh county (    Ph.D    shamsayi, amin allah    2017-03-08
43    Foresight of MENARID Prospective Impact of the Project on theSustainability of Rural Settlements (Case Study: North Khorasan Province)    Ph.D    esmaili, asiye    2017-05-02
44    Evaluate the Effectiveness of Job Creation Schemes Imam Khomeini Relief Committee in empowering rural women heads of households covered. (Case study: villages city Freeman    M.Sc.    salimi, masoome    2017-05-22
45    The Impact of social factors on the pattern of rural housing (Case study: villagers Turkman of Raz and Jargalan County)    M.Sc.    Imani, sanaz    2017-07-10
46    Analysis of the effects of tourism development on the sense of security (Case Study of Binalood Tourist Distination Villages)    M.Sc.    davarzani, alireza    2018-01-22
47    The sense of social security of women in both semi-privileged regions (case study of Tehran's 6th and 19th districts)    M.Sc.    mahdodi, ziba    2018-02-26
48    Evaluation of the Role of Housing Improvement Credit on Reducing Vulnerability ofRural Residents to Natural Hazards in the Radkal Village of Chenaran Township    M.Sc.    Gholizadeh, Salimeh    2018-05-14